Nell's Fund
A non-profit animal rescue
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Rescued Animals :

Below are a few of the animals that have been rescued:


Aymara was turned over to us because her owners could no longer give her the care she needed. She is a happy  healthy girl who found a forever loving home.

Katniss, and her kittens

Katniss, and her kittens Lenny, Laverne, Shirley and Squiggy were found in someone's attic, they were brought to us. The kittens and Katniss all have been adopted and enjoying their new homes.


Fuzzy was brought to us because her owners could no longer care for her. She just recently had surgery to have a growth removed and her teeth cleaned. She has been adopted and in now in her new home.


Splash was found trying to escape a retention pond, she was brought to us. She was soggy and shaken but healthy. She found her loving forever home.


A Nell's Fund recipient who came from one of the large rescue organizations that did not have the resources to treat her. Geli could barely breathe and was near death due to Heartworm Disease and complications caused by a severe reaction to the heartworms.
After 2 weeks of intensive care, heartworm treatment, and several expensive medications, Geli has made a complete recovery and has been adopted and enjoying life in her new home.


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