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Rescued Animals :

Below are a few of the animals that have been rescued:


Cheerio is a very sweet boy that loves to cuddle. Don't let his age fool you, he still likes to play a lot too. He walks around Lake Seminole Animal Hospital on a leash and greets each staff member every day. Come meet this handsome man and give him the forever home he deserves!


Myrtle, a 3 year old, black and tan Coonhound, was found in Bryson City NC by police officers, tied up with no food or water and her only shelter was under an abandoned trailer. She was transferred to a local shelter here and came in to LSAH for hip x-rays. She has a broken pelvic bone and needs surgery on her hip on that same side. We don't know what happened to her but it was pretty traumatic. Since the local shelter could not afford to do the extensive treatment needed she was then transferred to Nell's Fund. She is a very sweet, gentle, calm and loving dog. She gets along with other dogs, and loves the attention she gets from her foster's 3 year old son. She has not met a cat yet. Once she heals from surgery, she will be looking for her forever home.


Athena, Xena, Cindy

Athena, Xena, Cindy All female. Super sweet. They were rescued by one of our clients and brought in. Stella does not appear to be from the same litter but was with them when rescued and loves being with the others.

Pistol Pete, Mouse and Fluffles

Pistol Pete, Mouse and Fluffles 


Dory who was named after the movie Finding Nemo, was found wandering around Seminole Bowling Lanes by her friends at Lake Seminole Animal Hospital. Dory was very nervous when first arriving, as she was not sure how to interact with a human and having shelter. With lots of love and dedication, our team was able to win Dory’s heart and show her what it’s like to love a human. Now she can’t get enough of back scratches, head rubs and “making biscuits”. Dory loves being handed her choices of dry and wet food now and her nice cozy bed (pictured below). We are unaware of her actual age but our doctors are guessing at least 8 years old. Dory was first spotted, after a staff member noticed her limping by our pond. Dory was very ill when first arriving at the hospital, she has now recovered and has found her forever home.



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