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Rescued Animals :

Below are a few of the animals that have been rescued:

Charlie Jr.

Charlie Jr. is a 1 1/2 year old DSH that came to us as a stray that appeared to have a problem with his mouth. Upon further examination, we realized he had a broken tooth that needed to be extracted. He demonstrated a very sweet and loving nature right away. He enjoys "talking" as you can see in the picture and would love to find his forever home! Adopted 8/1/16

Hannah Bailey Camille

Hannah Bailey Camille is a stray around 6 months old, that was found lying in a driveway and appeared to have been hit by a car. Luckily a good Samaritan rushed her in to us. She had blood coming out of her nose and we were very worried about her when she was brought to us! Hannah recovered very well and is now looking for her forever home. She is spunky but sweet and loves to play in paper bags. Adopted right before Christmas!


Lali was brought back to us when her owner had to be admitted into a nursing home. She was originally adopted by us back in 2011 and was very well cared for. Lali would love to find a quiet home where she can enjoy sunbathing and sitting in her owners lap! She is a 7 year old Siamese mix. Adopted April 2017! .


Tuxa was found by a staff member and was looking pretty rough with what appeared to be a skin infection. She was estimated to be 3 months old when brought in. After doing a skin scrape we discovered she had scabies. Tuxa had to get Lyme dips twice a week and did great! She is now ready for adoption and is enjoying all the extra attention from dogs and cats in our cage in the lobby. Adopted 8/4/17!



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