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Rescued Animals :

Below are a few of the animals that have been rescued:

Char and Coal

Char and Coal are two spunky boys rescued from an alleged drug house fire by Seminole Fire Department fireman Rick Koda. They arrived covered in soot and water with signs of smoke inhalation, but have recovered very wonderfully. 
Their Story
Firefighters thanked for kittens rescue


Butch 's original owner asked a friend to pet sit for him, then never returned to claim him. Eventually the friend noticed Butch was fainting on walks, but was simply unable to care for him. Butch had such a severe flea infestation that he had lost 75% of his blood and had difficulty walking more than 10 feet. Now Butch has recovered completely to be a really happy pup! 


Thomas was wandering as a stray with a severely injured foot when a good Samaritan interceded. It was infected after much of the skin had been pulled off, likely by a car's tire. He has recovered very well, and although he has scars, he has retained the use of his leg and seems grateful to be off the streets 

Diego, Dottie and Star

Diego, Dottie and Star were siblings left alone and debilitated. Dottie's leg was injured, but she has recovered well now.


Farley was a puppy running loose with such a large lump on his back he was stuck trying to squeeze through a fence. He recovered from this reaction, and now lives a happy life in his forever home.


A good samaritan brought Binx to the hospital after he was hit by a car and suffered severe head trauma. We were not sure if he would make it for some time, but with care he has recovered well.

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